Jigging the Gear leg sockets #2

March 31, 2008

Today I attempted cutting the top cross member for the sockets. I printed the profile earlier today and brought that to the airport after work. I cut the member to the correct length first but I new that I had to do a test piece prior cutting my only piece of 1.25 dia pipe. So I did a test piece with the scrap and it turns out that I made the wrong angle in the profile template program I have. I accidentally set it to 40 deg when I needed 5o deg. Well today is lost. I spent a good chunk of my 3 hours at Lowes. I bought an new angle grinder for this project. Anyway I continued by replacing the jigging blocks with some new 1×1 I bought at lowes which worked better.

Time spent today 1.5 hours total time on the mod 7.5 hours

Jigging the Gear leg sockets

March 30, 2008

Today I worked on jigging the gear leg sockets. I went to Lowes and bought a 2X2 ft by 5/8″ thick particle board and I also bought a 18″ by 8 ft by 5/8″ thick particle board. The method to my madness will be to drill the AN5 bolt holes that go through the top of the gear legs and sockets first. These will be drilled approx. perpendicular to the axle. Also while I drill the top bolts I will drill the brake flanges since the heat treated 6150 steel will be a challenge to drill through. Once all the bolt holes are drilled I will put the legs and sockets in the jig I built and have the cross members welded in. The long particle board is to bring the axles up so that when the welding is done I have a very accurate no toe in or toe out so that the plane will track straight down the runway. Once the sockets are welded to the correct angles I will cut out the sections of the engine mount I don’t need and insert the new gear sockets. Tomorrow I will go back to lowes and get some 1×1″ wood for the the jig the wood I had around the hangar didn’t work the best hopefully the 1X1″ will be a bit straighter.

Time spent today 3 hours Total time on the mod 6 hours

Gear Leg Sockets #2

March 13, 2008

Today I got my sockets back from my welder. Who if I might add is awesome. The quality of course is excellent and I’m extremely happy with the end result.

No time spent today total time for mod 3 hours

dsc00869a.jpg dsc00870a.jpg dsc00871a.jpg

Gear Leg Sockets #1

March 9, 2008

I got started on the gear leg sockets today. I started out cutting the 2 outer sockets to 11″ in length. I then cut 2 – 1.5″ long upper sleeves and the 2 – 3″ long lower sleeves. I then drilled 2 holes in the upper part of the socket .812″ from the top 180 deg out from each other. Then I drilled the 3 rosette hole for the bottom portions of both sockets 60 deg out from each other and one was offset from the other two by 1.375″. All in all 5 holes per socket. Tomorrow I will have them rosetted and ready to be welded in to the engine mount in the next couple of weeks when I start to take the engine off the plane for the mod and the conditional inspection.

Time spent today 3 hours

Total time spent on the Mod 3 hours