Gear Leg Sockets #1

I got started on the gear leg sockets today. I started out cutting the 2 outer sockets to 11″ in length. I then cut 2 – 1.5″ long upper sleeves and the 2 – 3″ long lower sleeves. I then drilled 2 holes in the upper part of the socket .812″ from the top 180 deg out from each other. Then I drilled the 3 rosette hole for the bottom portions of both sockets 60 deg out from each other and one was offset from the other two by 1.375″. All in all 5 holes per socket. Tomorrow I will have them rosetted and ready to be welded in to the engine mount in the next couple of weeks when I start to take the engine off the plane for the mod and the conditional inspection.

Time spent today 3 hours

Total time spent on the Mod 3 hours

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