Jigging the Gear leg sockets #2

Today I attempted cutting the top cross member for the sockets. I printed the profile earlier today and brought that to the airport after work. I cut the member to the correct length first but I new that I had to do a test piece prior cutting my only piece of 1.25 dia pipe. So I did a test piece with the scrap and it turns out that I made the wrong angle in the profile template program I have. I accidentally set it to 40 deg when I needed 5o deg. Well today is lost. I spent a good chunk of my 3 hours at Lowes. I bought an new angle grinder for this project. Anyway I continued by replacing the jigging blocks with some new 1×1 I bought at lowes which worked better.

Time spent today 1.5 hours total time on the mod 7.5 hours

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