Pulling the old gear legs

Today I decided to go home after work to eat dinner first then head to the airport so as to leave myself loads of time to get the plane up on my wooden stand before midnight. I started off by figuring out a game plan. I was very uncomfortable trying to stand the plane up on wood using the “jack the left then the right floor jack method.” finally I bit the bullet and went looking for another hoist, since my engine is currently hanging from the one I already have. I found one I could borrow for the evening. I hoisted up the plane from the engine mount which can was a little scary because it just teeters on the tail wheel. I attempted to keep it from teetering by making a small block stand for the tail that sits on the longeron where the two lower tails wire come together. This worked pretty good. I gave my best yikes face for the camera.

I then was able to remove the wheels, brakes, and finally the legs. After that I had all the room in the world to make a safe wooden stand for the plane to sit on. I have seen in the past people stand their planes on the lower longeron just behind the most forward bottom panel former but that is very unsupported and could bend your longeron or worst fail it. I didn’t want to take any chances and I was not in the mood to deal with that so I moved the support as close to sta 0 as possible to get the most support possible. Fiinally I built the stand 30.5″ off the ground and I picked the tail wheel up to level to plane. Everything was very sturdy and I was pleased. Job accomplished safe and sound. Now I just need to get that socket truss back from the welder.

Time spent today 5 hours total time on mod 30 hours

Oh BTW I desided to put my level on the bungee pegs and look it is exactly 0 deg. That is not the right place to level it but I thought it was cool. I need to cross check it in the cockpit upper longerons but I bet it is very close. I know who built the stand and Im sure it is perfect :).

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