Landing Gear Fairings and wheel pants

Today I had a bad day at work. Going to the airport is a great soother so of course I went directly after work. I decided to work on my wheel pants. The mounting brackets are not quite in the same location as the last ones. I will have to do some patchwork which is not a real big deal just time consuming. First things first was to mark and drill the brackets for the mounting screws. I did a fair amount of measuring first to get them aligned and then I marked and drilled the locations. I then started working on the gear leg fairings. The way vans does this is to use slits and hose clamps to keep the fairing from falling down. I cut the slits and then decided this was going to last all of 2 hours until it breaks. I am now cooking up a design similar to what Guido has on this pitts gear leg fairing he got form Steve Wolf. sorry about no pictures I keep forgetting my camera at home.  What a tragedy.
Time spent 2.5 hours

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