Wheel pants and Gear leg fairings

Today my goal was to get the wheel pants on and secure enough to ground run the plane so that I can check my mags for leaks after changing the gasket. All I really had left to get the pants on and secure was to install 8 nut plates. This took a little while and after getting the right side installed and just cleco’d the left side on because a massive tornado producing storm was headed our way at 55 MPH. I was able to ground run the aircraft and check the mags for leaks. None noted. This means I can start closing up the the engine cowling! Anyway while I was running my engine I decided to taxi around and get a feel for the new gear. What I noticed was it was incredibly more stable with swerves unlike the other gear which like to depart to one side or the other. The comment is that this gear make the Pitts feel like a Citabria on the runway. At this point I can see the what they were trying to say, but maybe not quite that extreme.

Next is getting the gear leg fairing installed.

Time spent 3.0 hours

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