Wheel fairing bracket, Gear leg Piano Hinge and drilling axles oh my

Today I went up to get my wheel fairing brackets made. I need to use a sheer and a brake to make them perfect so I when up to my buddies shop to use his brake and sheer. Once I made the brackets I brought them down to my hanger to drill the center out for the bolt that holds the wheel farings on. I then installed the 1/4-28 nut plate. Once I had the bracket centered I could use the 1″ hole saw to cut the hole for the gear leg jack pipe. I didn’t have a 10-32 tap to install the screws that hold this bracket to the nut so I will have to wait til tomorrow to fully install it. I then switched gears and started in on my left hand gear leg fairing. I started by figuring out where to locate the piano hinge so as to keep the trailing edge sucked together. Once I had this figured out I marked and drilled the first two holes on either end and installed clecos to hold it in place. I then removed both side of the piano hinge and cut off the excess hinge. I re-installed half the hinge and drill the 1-1/2 spacing for the AN470AD-3 rivits. I also countersunk the fiberglass which and I didn’t think was possible but it worked out just fine. Just be careful on how far to countersink. Rinse and repeat for the other half of the hinge and install the pin.

Time spent 3 hours

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