Drilling the Axle, More wheel pant brackets, Fiberglass on the wheel pants

Today I went over to my buddies shop to borrow a core drill and a 10-32 tap so that I could drill the axles for the cotter pins and I could tap the axle nuts for the wheel pant brackets. I tapped the RH axle nut for the wheel pant bracket and installed a 10-32 R6 SS machine screw. I also moded the LH axle nut for the same bracket exactly the same way I did it yesterday.

I drilled the axles for cotter pins. Pretty much just set the spot on the axle and drill use a #40 long drill bit make a small mark on each side. I then used my dremel hemispherical grinder to make a nice transition for the threads as to not gall up my axle nut. I then drilled the cotter pin holes using a core drill and my battery drill and lots of oil. The hole cut no problem. Rinse and repeat for the other side.

While the wheels were off and easy to get to I cleaned, inspected and repacked the wheel bearings.  After that was done I needed to patch up some cut out on my wheel fairings from when I had my old landing gear installed. I layed up some E-glass and used an spare sheet metal to make the mold using cleco clamps. I also took the time to add some more layers to my previous patch work to stiffen that up a bit. We will see how it comes out tomorrow.

Time spent today 8 hours

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