Wheel pant final fit, gear leg fairing bracket

Ah yes Saturday, What gloriously hot day 95 deg with a heat index of 104. My aluminum box uh I mean my hangar was floating around 115 – 116 when I walked and promply open the door to let the oven cool. I removed the molds on th fiberglass and those came out really well. I am very happy with t the finall finish they a have. I promptly got to finishing the wheel pants. I started by checking the gap between the tire and the wheel fairing. I like to be able to fit my fingers between the tire and the wheel fairing. Because I mounted them slightly differently then with my old gear I had to do a little trimming. It took a lot longer then I thought and now my sweaty arms are covered in itchy fiberglass dust. Once I got everything trimmed up I installed the last two nut plates on the wheel fairings. They were never installed before because I had cut so much of the fairing apart I didn’t need them now that I have replaced most of that fairing I installed them. I obviously have some filling and fairing to do but this will suffice for now.

After that I installed the piano hinge for the RH gear leg just like I did the previous hinge on Thursday the 5 jun. I relined the brake pucks installed and safety wired the brake caliper bolts. I did the final install of the wheel fairings. I also made a bracket for the LH gear leg fairing to temporarily keep it from rotating during flight.

Time spent 8 hours

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