Married! and a New Cowling!

August 20, 2008

Well for those who read my posts sorry for not posting anything for a while but there really hasn’t been anything to talk about. I have flown a couple of time this month totaling about 1.0 hour and the plane has been unfortunately sitting. Well I have a minor excuse. I got married this weekend and there has been a lot of planning and helping out my ever so patient bride. She has stood by me when I did the RV3 gear Mod and Conditional and now it was my turn to help her with our Wedding hence I didn’t do much flying by choice. She didn’t stop me from flying I chose to repay her for all her patience. Those of you in a relationship take note of the give and take and make sure you give as much or more then you take! Any way we had a fantastic time at our wedding and now we are back for about 10 days before we go on our honeymoon.

In the time that I haven’t been flying I have still be scheming to continue modifying my plane. A guy randomly called me a couple of weeks ago to ask me questions about wheel pants in response to my Barnstormers add selling my landing gear. We got to talking about his project and he numerous questions about where to find stuff on line like nose bowls and other things. He told me he currently bought a project off a guy in California that wanted to race it in Reno but he didn’t like it and wanted to sell it. I offered him some money and he sold it to me. Shipping was pretty expensive but the cowling’s are pretty bulky. Anyway I just took delivery of them tonight and they are everything he said they were and they are in great shape. I am super excited to find this hard to find cowling. I chaulk it up as a winter project since I don’t want to down my plane. Below are some pictures. One more step closer to a wolf style Pitts.