Wolf Spinner

September 25, 2008

Today I received my carbon spinner from Wolf Aircraft.  I was expecting it to come with a front and back plate but wasn’t expecting it to come with a carbon front and back plate which was a nice surprise.  It has about an 1.25 recess from the back plate to the lip of the spinner.  I think I will reduce that down to about a 1/2″ or so not sure yet.  So I ran down to the airport and tried the spinner out on the cowl.  It looks a bit big but after seeing the final product on Paul Bennett’s Pitts down in Australia I was a bit more relieved.  Below are some pictures of the cowling and the spinner.  Now All I have left is prop bolts and the extension.

This is a picture of the cowling installed and painted on Paul Bennett’s Pitts down in Australia

Baffling Cracks and Annular Cowling Trial Fit

September 14, 2008

Well after my last flight I found my front left engine baffling had cracked near the engine attach bracket.  So I unfortunately had to remove the engine cowling to get the baffling out so that I can put a doubler on it.  So while I had the cowling off I took the opportunity to check the fit of my new cowling to see if I will have to move anything or modify my exhaust.

Turns out I will have to move my oil cooler and to the back of the baffling for cowling and CG issues.  With the addition of the prop extension I will need to move the weight back.  Also I will need to rearrange the front baffling to fit the new cowling.  As you can see from the pictures I will either have to cut the cowling or mod the exhaust.  I haven’t talked to Aircraft Exhaust yet but I will likely opt for the small mod to the exhaust.

Also today a guy at my airport flew his AV-8A Sea Harrier yes a Harrier jump jet.  He took a couple of laps around the pattern.  Check out his website for more info.  www.nallsaviation.com

Time Spent today 2.0 Hours

Cowling Mod Update

September 9, 2008

Sorry again folks for no updates but as some of you can imagine Weddings and Honeymoons can have substantial impact on ones life.  I had a great time at my wedding, and now have a lovelier then ever Bride and the Honeymoon was great did lots of SCUBA diving and soaked up some sun. I digress…

An update on the cowling is that I have been searching for the correct prop extension and after calling Vans, Sabre Mfg, and talking with various other folks who either have done this mod or are doing this mod it boils down to Sabre prop extensions out of Granbury, Texas www.sabermfg.com They sell a 12 bolt system so as to get away from the 6 very long bolts.  Problem is that now you have transfered all the load in to the extension. The whole thing is a bit pricey at $325 for the extension and $39 for the extension to crank bolts. They said I will probably be able to use my current prop bolts so that should save me $60 more dollars for new prop to extension bolts. I talked with one gent who has done this mod on his Pitts S-1S www.biplaneaerobatics.com he told me to hold off on ordering the extension to make sure that 2.25″ is correct he said he needed 2.5″ to make his spinner work.  This all being said I talked to Wolf to see what they do and they use a 6 bolt extension as to not transfer all the load into the extension.  Vans has a 2.25″ 6 bolt extension for $290 so I will probably do that instead.  I will just have to get Prop bolts and those are expensive at $60-90 for a set.  I will do somemore research and make some notes for the future.

On the spinner front I have two options. Order a spinner from Steve Wolf at www.wolfpitts.com or get one from UHS Spinners in Canada. The one spinner from Wolf looks very nice and you can get them in Carbon and Fiberglass. My choice would be carbon of course. The UHS spinners are cheaper but do not use a backing plate. They only use a front of the prop plate and then let the back support itself. Not to keen on that. Well in the middle of this writing I called Wolf and talked to them about their spinner. They had one in stock and ready to ship. So I took it off their hands.  I will get loads of pictures when I get it.

Now all I need is a Prop extension and I will have to do some re-routing of my oil cooler and make new baffling for the engine which is something I have been needing to do for some time.  This will be a winter project as I don’t want to down my plane in the middle of contest season for this mod.  The last contest is  17-19 Oct so after that Its fair game.