Baffling Cracks and Annular Cowling Trial Fit

Well after my last flight I found my front left engine baffling had cracked near the engine attach bracket.  So I unfortunately had to remove the engine cowling to get the baffling out so that I can put a doubler on it.  So while I had the cowling off I took the opportunity to check the fit of my new cowling to see if I will have to move anything or modify my exhaust.

Turns out I will have to move my oil cooler and to the back of the baffling for cowling and CG issues.  With the addition of the prop extension I will need to move the weight back.  Also I will need to rearrange the front baffling to fit the new cowling.  As you can see from the pictures I will either have to cut the cowling or mod the exhaust.  I haven’t talked to Aircraft Exhaust yet but I will likely opt for the small mod to the exhaust.

Also today a guy at my airport flew his AV-8A Sea Harrier yes a Harrier jump jet.  He took a couple of laps around the pattern.  Check out his website for more info.

Time Spent today 2.0 Hours

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