Fitting the Annular Cowling

Today I set off to get the cowling fitted as close as possible so that I could figure out how much my exhaust has to be modified.  I cut some notches out of the bottom of the cowling so it could fit around the landing gear legs.  I had to remove the oil cooler and the #1 and #2 engine cylinder baffles which will have to be modified.  I also removed the #1cylinder forward baffle which will be replaced with a full front baffle.  This allowed the cowling to fit a little bit better.  I then used a zip tie on the rear top vents to hold the top together and I used Packing tape to hold the top front and the whole bottom seam together while I measured to see where the cowling sits.  I also used a ratchet strap on the firewall end to help pull down the cowling.   Then I got a profile made of the bottom of the cowling using poster board.  I then pulled the cowling off and temp installed the exhaust.  I used the poster board and found out that I have to pretty radically change my exhaust routing.  I will have to call Aircraft Exhaust and see what they can do.  Below are some pictures that might help explain all of this.

Time Spent today 4 hours total time spent on the mod 6 hours

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