Modifying the Exhaust

I have been stressing the the changes that will be required to tuck the exhaust into the cowling. I spoke to Aircraft Exhaust owner Rich Lopez about the changes.   He told me he could send me some adapters to the exhaust.  He told me I could cut up my current exhaust and then just use the adapters to change from my exhaust to PVC mock up again.  So basically I would be back to square one on the exhaust.  I got home tonight and started looking at some of my exhaust pictures and after about hour of looking at the photos I came up with a hair brained Idea.  I thought about flipping the collector up so that the pipes that were on top were now on the bottom and the top pipes would have to be re-done but that is better then re-building 4 pipes.  I got off work the next day and went down to the hangar to test my idea.  It turns out it will be nearly perfect.  The added space from the gear mod and the change in oil sumps from when I built the first exhaust  gave me the perfect amount of room to route the forward cylinder pipes on top of the aft cylinder pipes and now the collector is sucked up to the fire wall nice and close and the whole exhaust system will be inside the cowling.  Tomorrow I will go get some more 1.5″ schedule 40 PVC and loads of fittings.

Time spent 30 minutes total time spent on the mod 6.5 hours

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