Exhaust Modifying Continued

Today I went to Lowes Aircraft Supply to buy the 1.5″ schedule 4o PVC and all the angles.  I bought 30 bucks worth of fittings and pipe.  I know I don’t need all those so I just save the receipt and take them back.  I got to the hangar and spent an hour hangar flying since 4 of the 6 Pitts owners were around and we were discussing the finer points of the IAC and other things.  Long story short I got to the hangar and routed the the new pipes checked fit with the cowling installed and all looks good.  Below are some pictures. I have an order from Spruce coming tomorrow with the Piano hinge and loads of other hardware needed for this mod.

Time spent today 3 hours total time spent on the mod 9.5 hours

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