Annular Cowling Piano Hinges

I spent the some time after work working on the cowling since my order from Spruce came in last night.  I received my piano hinge for joining the two cowling halves.  I chose to spend the extra money on the extruded piano hinge which is a fair bit stronger then the rolled piano hinge.  I marked out 1 inch on either side of the joint.  and then marked out the rivet line.  I plane on using countersunk 1/8″ rivets to attach the piano hinge.   I marked both sides out and used 1 inch spacing for the rivets.  I drilled out the top side using packing tape to hold both halves together.  Below are some photos.

Time Spent 2.5 hours total time spent 12.0 hours

One Response to Annular Cowling Piano Hinges

  1. macwolf says:

    Glad you are doing this ahead of me, Bret. This way I an watch and learn! Cheers, Stuart

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