Annular Cowling Fix continued

Today I was able to inspect my handing work in the morning since I brought the cowling home to let the epoxy cure in the 68 deg house rather then the 30 deg hangar. It turned out pretty darn good, but the truth will be found out as soon as paint get on there. So after work I stopped by the house on the way to the airport to pickup the cowling. I got it to the airport and started in on cutting the inside out with an angle grinder cutting wheel. I got the first two pieces out and started getting the clay out of there. I then carefully continued cutting the inside back to the edge to get all the clay out. I did all that and then sanded the inside to get all the clay out. As a final cleaning I used acetone on a rag and wiped the inside out. All said and done it was basically free of clay like it was never there. I then sanded the out side of the new patch and it seems to smooth out all right but will need some filler for the pin holes. I fit it back to the airplane and was shocked how well it fit to the fire wall now that nothing is blocking it and there plenty of room. I took the cowling back home again and laid two more layer in the inside for more support.

Time spent 2.5 hours total time spent on the mod 24 hours.

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