Moving the Oil Cooler and front baffle

Tonight I spent some time figuring out where the oil cooler can go other then on front of the #2 cylinder.  I have been wanting to mount it to the firewall since I will be adding the prop extension and the longer bolts which will hopefully be offset by the oil cooler relocation.   I chose the following location for the oil cooler and I will be make either a fiberglass or aluminum hood to channel the air from the baffles down to the oil cooler.  I think I will go with 2-2″ SCAT ducts to channel the flow into the oil cooler.

After I found a location that worked for the oil cooler I went on to work the front baffling. It will be the hardest to make because of the complex shapes that make the engine crank case. Since I have no templates I decided to use some poster board to start making cuts to make it fit the best I can. Any holes where I cut to much I will take and tape some poster board back in. Once I get it close I will make a new poster board template. Once I get a template I like I will then cut it out of aluminum.

Time spent tonight 3 hours total time spent on the mod 32 hours

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