Installing Spinner nutplates and screws

As the profile cutting is completed, I have the also important and scary drilling the holes for the screws that attach the spinner cone to the back and front plates.   I started with making sure that the spinner was on straight when it rotates I don’t want a wobbly spinner so I used a laser mounted to a tri-pod to make sure that it was centered.  I used cleco clamps to hold the spinner to the back plate while I adjusted.  It didn’t take much as it was restricted to move to much by the front spinner plate.  Once I was happy I need to figure out the screw spacing.  Evenly distributed 12 screws on the back plate and 7 screws on the front plate.  I figured that would be enough to keep it in place without putting a ridiculous amount of screws on the back.  I wanted less screws on the front so I thought 7 would be enough.  Wolf sent me 20 screws and nut plates so I had one spare.   I measured the distance with a string and subtracted 3/4″ on each side so 1.5″ total then divided that by one less then the number of screws so I would get the correct number of gaps not screw spacing. 6 screws = 5 gaps right! Just checking to make sure you were awake LOL!  I set the screw holes 3/4″ from the back of the back plate because I still need to trim about 3/16″ – 1/4″ off to make the spinner clear the cowling which needs to come forward a bit to make it fit better.   Anyway started with 3/32 drill bit and worked my way around the cowling drilling and clecoing.  I then removed the spinner and started installing the nut plates.  This is tedious and take awhile but I got all 19 nut plates installed and re-assembled.  I then re-installed the cowling to see how it looked and of course it looked great.  This whole process along with figuring out how to do it right the first time took forever as in 6 hours.

Time spent today 6 hours total time 60 hours

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