Mounting the Cowling Permenently

Today I started off by trimming the spinner back about 3/16 – 1/4″ to help leave a gap between the cowling and the spinner.  I then set off to mount the cowling permanently.  I already have nut plates and holes drilled on the firewall so I needed to transfer them to the cowling.  The only way I can do with is all at once.  So I made 31 transfer tools out of aluminum strips with a rivit on each end and holes drilled on the other side.  I then used a flush screw to hold the transfer tools in each nut plate and use the top side of the transfer tools as a guide for my drill.  I drilled all 31 holes and then countersunk each of them for the tinnerman washers.  This took quite a while once completed the cowling was nice and strong and sitting perfectly where it should with the perfect gap between the spinner and the cowling.  In the last picture I have some paint touch up work to do taking this cowling on and off 100 time I had scratched the paint a little.  Lets be honest with my cowling to paint, my wheel pants to paint, gear legs to paint.  I have some painting projects . 🙂

Time spent today 7 hours total time spent 67 hours

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