More little things to clean up

I spent the day finishing off the mold for the oil cooler hood.  I was lucky and found the right size foam cylinder for the SCAT duct.  I used some clay to make the radius’s. Most of the time was spent making the oil dip stick door.  I used Tony’s (Wolf Aircraft) advice on utilizing the blank that I cut out for the door for the door itself.  This worked out great.  I added a shim on the piano hinge to make the top of the piano hinge sit flush with the top of the cowl.  I also added a piece of the 0.032 aluminum for the door to rest against and a place for the camlock fastener receptical.  Anyway I am really happy with the door and it is perfectly placed.  I went home later and glassed up the hood with a couple of layers.

Time spent 9 hours total time spent 84 hours

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