Finished up the cowling mod

I dug the foam and clay out of the now cured oil cooler hood.  This took a bit I used some acetone to help wipe the clay out of the fiberglass.  I then took some sand paper and sanded down the area where the engine mount could interface and I also sanded down where the SCAT duct attaches since it didn’t quite fit with the several layers of glass was added.   Did some last minute routing and securing of wires and hoses.  I reinstalled the oil cooler with the new hood which took some trimming to get to fit right.   I then double and triple checked everything and I then re-installed the cowl.  As soon as the I got the last screw in the cowl I heard some piter patter on the hangar roof it started raining 😦 so no test flight or ground run today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be cold windy and rainy so I guess the flight and ground run will have to wait.  Oh well.

Time spent today 3.5 hours total time spent 87.5 hours

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