Ordered the New Wings

Well with school quickly approaching the end with only 73 days left (who’s counting :^) Well I finally pulled the trigger and ordered my new wings from raven. They will be S-2C tips (quarter rounded) with a 52″ aileron span (approx 3/4 wing) aluminum ailerons. I also plan on recovering the entire plane and installing a new set of elevators and rudder with strap hinges and squared tips. Yes folks again I am taking my plane down for a long time but this might very well be the last for a long time so I will be making it worth it. I have also decided on a paint scheme which is below,  I think its a nice twist on the Yellow/Red and Black we know and love from Mr. Wolf’s hangar

Snapshot 2009-09-28 23-36-01

This rebuild should be fun I plan on using Stewarts Systems for the whole plane and the plan is this

1: Graduate USNTPS (Dec, 11 2009)

2: Receive Kit from Raven on or about Dec 11, 2009 (maybe sooner than that but I promised myself no working on it till my final report was in and being graded)

3:  Build Wing and test fit and cover while keeping my airplane in a relatively up condition so as to stay flying while I build the wing

4: take the fuselage home and recover that replacing the elevators, rudder (maybe light sand the fuselage and repaint using the Stewarts Systems

5: re-assembly of fuselage

6: re-assembly of the entire plane and go freakin test fly the damn thing and really enjoy all the mods I have done.

Sound Good?  Well it all starts with Graduating from Test Pilot School easier said than done :^)

One Response to Ordered the New Wings

  1. macwolf says:

    send me a large version of this and I can slap it onto a 3D model for you 🙂

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