Wing Tables are finished

November 28, 2009

I went back to Lowes and bought two 4X8 flooring panels and with the help of my loving wife stuffed them in to my jeep.  I got them home and quickly cut them to size with my circular saw and screwed them to the table frames.  So I spent a whopping $65 on these tables and I am really happy with them and their price.


Time Spent 2 hours total time spent 5 hours.

Wing Tables

November 25, 2009

Well since TPS is beginning to wind down and the Thanksgiving break upon me I decided to give Rob at Raven Aircraft a call to see what kind of timeline I was looking at for my wing kit delivery.  He told me they could ship out in a week or so.  So that all being said I decided I better get cracking on some wing tables.  I decided that my tables were going to be 33″ wide by 96″ long by 30″ tall.  I also decided on going with two separate tables.  I quickly drew up a sketch to figure out how much wood I would need.   I ran down to Lowes for my lumber on my way I decided to go for a quick flight since I hadn’t seen my airplane in 4 weeks due to the stress at school.  Anyway I digress…I picked up the wood which cost approx $40 and went to town in my basement.  I emerged a few hours later with 2 tables that all they are missing is table tops (which I couldn’t fit in my Jeep)

Time spent 3 hours