Lower Wings #2 jigging and leveling

Today I set off to jig the wings and level the tables. I used some 2 x 2 poplar wood for the spar butts so I could tell the 1/2″ difference between the aft and forward spars. near the tips I used some spar 2X3 pine I had laying around. I cut 45 45 90 triangle out of some spare 3/4″ pine board using my powered miter saw. I then screwed 1X1 poplar wood pieces vertically to the vertical part of the triangle which were secured to the 2 x 2 poplar wood at the spar butts. Anyway here are some pictures of the final product. I worked on this on and off for about hour here to an hour there over 2 days so this is just a roll up.


Time spent 3 hours. Total time spent 15 hours

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