Lower Wings #4 drag wire blocks and drilling guide

Today I spent some time running around town looking for some steel to make my drag wire block drilling jig.  I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for so I ended up just making it out 1″x1″ square tubing slid onto 3/4″x3/4″ 6 ft square tubing.  I tacked 1/4″ nuts on to two adjacent sides so that the the tube would ride part of the guide tube.  I then welded on 1-1/4″  still strip with some spare steel tube that had 3/16″ ID.  I match welded them together then cut the guide tube in half so they would be exactly aligned.  I tried it on a mock piece and it worked perfectly.

I also measured each drag wire block for centerline and then marked 1/8″ up and down depending on where it was located.  I glued those in place.  I also glued the extra piece of cove former on the most inboard compression rib at the start of the aileron bay.

Time spent 7 hours
Total Time spent 28 hours

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