Lower Wings #5 Drilling outboard drag wires holes

Today I embarked on using my newly fabricated drag wire block jig. I tested it first to see if it worked and it does well, so I decided to give it try on the real thing. I used to pieces of 2/3 mounted to a base plate that was screwed to the table to support the jig while it was on the table. I took my time adjusting and checking both sides to make sure it was perfectly aligned. I also had to slide some ribs out the way so I could get the drill in there. I used a long ( approx 12″) 3/16″ diameter regular drill bit, and I used a fresh battery on my battery drill to get the highest speed I could. I drilled it small amounts (pulse) at a time clearing the tailings often. The final product was excellent and I am really happy. I was worried about the hole after so many had horror stories about having the drill bit wonder around inside the spar, not so with this jig.

I cut all the triangle blocks for the ribs using a powered miter saw really helps here as you have to cut a bunch of them. I also glued the front spar I-strut doublers but kept the top piece for later so I can drill the plywood out on each side. I also glued some of the triangle blocks in place with some spare glue.

Time spent today 7 hours
Total Time spent 35

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