Lower Wings #6

Today I drilled out the drag wires again after I added the corner blocks.  I also removed the clamps on the I-Strut doublers and drilled out the 1/4″ hole through the bottom plywood.  I filed the top of the spar and doublers to true up the surface to glue the top doubler plate.  I then glued the top of the doublers on and after those cure I will flip the wing over and drill the tops through.  I then decided to mildly tighten the drag wire so they would be taught so I could move the ribs between the compression struts so that they wouldn’t interfere with drag wires.  I had to slide the most out board rib (between the compression ribs) over about 1/8″ and the inboard rib about 3/8″ from centerline.  I then glued and corner blocked all four of those ribs.  I used some aircraft nails to hold the corners block in place so I didn’t have to use clamps which was nice but required some initial setup to start the nails since they are small.

I also got a 0.5 hour flight in to warm up the oil for an oil change.  Pretty nice to have a project and a flyable plane at the same time.  I am less antsy this way and tend to take more time to perfect things.

Time spent today 7 hours

Total Time Spent 43 hours

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