Finished up left wing root strap drilling

Today I cleaned up all the excess glue on the fore and aft spars on the left wing with a file in preparation to mark and drill the holes for the metal wing root strap. I basically did the same thing as I did on the right wing that is marking the 1/2″ up and 1/2 inboard hole and then placing the whole thing in the drill press. I then drilled out the other three holes in the drill press using the strap as a guide. It went pretty quickly (the drilling that is, the cleaning up of the glue took forever). I then spent some time filing the excess glue off the I-strut doublers in preparation to drill and install the flying wire crush plates.

After I did all that I started playing with the 90deg bell crank and the aileron hinge location. The bell crank is going to be very close to the drag wire. I will need to talk to Raven about how to orient this. No pictures today as I have taken some for the right wings and it is the same just mirrored.

Time spent 3.0 hours
Total time spent 64 hours

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