Left wing inboard drag wires

Now that I have the AN665 forks I decided to take a break from aileron hinge geometry and decided to drill the drag wire holes. I spent about 20 minutes setting up the jig. I installed the fork with a small rod sticking out of it so that the one end of the jig would be lined up and the other side was supported by my jig holds using clamps like I did on the outboard wires. All worked out until I inserted the drag wires to see how they fit. It turns out I have just enough room on the forward spar at the compression rib to aft spar root wire to get the washer and 2 nut on with minimal purtrusion in the fork (you know the tell tell hole on the fork).

However, since I glued the cove shape between the compression rib and the drag wire block that moved the drag wire block out by 1/4″ thus my drag wire is short by about 1/4-5/16″. Bottom line is that I can only get the washer and 1 nut on before I run out of wire. I checked the location of the 1st compresion rib and it was set right at 32.5″ which was correct. So I have again two courses of action. Make a bigger tab that allows the extra quarter to 5/16″ inch or buy a new piece of drag wire and tap the ends. BTW tapping SS is a pain in the ass. Ah hell I will figure something out I always do.

Time spent 2.5 hours
Total time spent 72.5 hours

3 Responses to Left wing inboard drag wires

  1. mars58 says:

    Hey Brett you are really making fast work out of your wing kit. It’s looking really nice!! Keep up the great work!

  2. macwolf says:

    Going great guns! Excellent work. Yes, I almost did the same thing with the cove shape – too late now, but I guess good plans would have caught this….

    Just a tip on the inverted ribs.. I did the same – doh, but inverting your sticks is the right answer – no hassle. Also, your drags wires, instead of shifting the rib locations, you can also cut a notch through the stick for clearance, or in fact cut the whole stick in two if necessary. Then you glue an additional stick on the side up against it. I’ll email you a pic from the Raven plans to show you what I mean.

  3. acropilotbret says:

    I know what you mean my current wings have the reinforced sticks to slide it over some. I chose to do it this way instead it was a personal choice and the ribs sliding one way or the other doesn’t make much difference.

    On the inverted ribs a truss is a truss for the most part so yeah I came this conclusion too.

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