Right Wing Drag wires and rib gluing

I got a lot of work done tonight. I started by adjusting the rib locations of the inboard ribs to alieviate any interference between the drag wires and rib vertical members. I had to slide the third rib ouboard about 5/8″ to get it to clear. I slide the 2nd rib outboard by about 5/16″ and all was well. It was kinda nice as this made for a little more even distance between the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rib. I then glued those ribs and corner blocks.

While the left wing glue was drying. I moved over to right wing and started by setting up and drilling the drag wire holes. I had a bit of a problem keeping my drill from interfereing with the #5 rib nose. I was able to get it through with a little flexing of the nose rib out of the way. I then shifted over to the other wire and drilled it as well. Once all that was done I shifted the ribs to alieviate any interferance between the drag wires and ribs. As they should, the ribs were offset by the exact same amount as the left wing. I then glued those ribs and corner blocks as well.

While I had some extra glue I glued the corner blocks that need to be modified because they are so close to the I-strut doublers.

Time spent 4.5 hours
Total time spent 77 hours

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