Lower Wing Trailing Edge

So now that all but the root and two tip ribs are glued and corner blocked I decided to installed the trailing edge material. All I had to do was mark and cut using my sliding miter saw. Voila done. I mixed up some glue, and using a spare piece of the 1″ by 1″ steel that was sitting around I used that and a piece of straight woood to sandwich the 3 trailing edges together for a nice straight trailing ege. On the right wing I did pretty much the same thing but used my 3/4″ by 3/4 steel tube on my drag wire jig along with some straight wood to sandwich that side. I also spent some time marking the locations of the 3/4″ holes for the flying wire attach tubes.

After seeing a comment about the location of my 90 deg bellcrank location I decided to look at relocating the bellcrank farther outboard to see if I could make it work. It turns out I could be the wires are going to be really close. I think I will stick with the original location which places the 90 bell crank almost right next to the more inboard rib and the aileron hinge on the inside of the I-strut hole

Time spent 1.5 hours
total time spent 78.5 hours

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