Flying wire crush plates

Man have I mentioned how much I missed my CWS (compressed work schedule 4 – 9 hour days 1- 8 hour day, then 4-9 hour days, one off day) Basically I get every other Friday off. Well I didn’t get those while I was at TPS but now that I am gradumecated I get them again and they are nice! Anyway with the looming blizzard I went down in the basement to get some work done on the wings. I wasn’t real happy with the aluminum crush plates that Raven sent me. A couple of the holes were off by as much as half hole so I called Rob and let him know of my issue. It sounds as though the jig he was using wasn’t working any more or I just couldn’t find the right combination of match sets. Anyway he was more than apologetic and offered to send me a new set of plates without me asking. That was a nice gesture and I like that in a vendor but shipping a set from Canada was going to take to long, besides I was more than capable of making 4 matched sets of the plates. I got some spare 0.090 2024 T3 from a friend who just by a phone call at noon had them to me cut to size 4 5/8″ by 3 1/8″ by 6 pm that day. friends like that are really nice to have plus I gave him some spare 304 SS 3 days ago. But believe me he is the kind of friend that you can never get even with, (just that awesome and always comes in clutch) Anyway I spent a couple of hours making four matched sets of the flying wire crush plates. I used a Unibit for the 3/4″ hole in the middle and man does that Unibit work really nicely its kinda like having an adjustable reamer.

Old plates

I then drilled the 3/4″ flying wire lug hole through the spar. I always hesitate to make holes in my spar even after I have measured 5 times and re-look at the drawings to make sure I have it in the right spot (i don’t want to drill in the wrong spot). Anyway, I again used the drill press with the drill press base moved 180 deg out so I could get the wing in the and the drill bit in the right spot. This really worked well I and I would recommend doing it this way (unless you pre-drilled your spar prior to installation). I then repeated on the left wing spar.

I then inserted the 3/4 in lug and plate squared them up and drilled the 3/16″ holes in right wing. It was getting late so I will get to the other wing for the 3/16″ holes tomorrow.

Time spent 4.5 hours
total time spent 83 hours

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