Crush plate again, Aileron Hinges, Pitot Tube drilling, spar root bushing

Well, we indeed had a good snow last night about 10-12 inches then it sleeted and weighed that snow down to a snowy slush. Pretty much the hardest thing I have have every plowed with my lawn tractor/shoveled.

Anyway its still snowing so might as well make the best of it in the basement. So today I set off to finish the the left wing 3/16″ holes in the flying wire crush plate. I did it the same as the right wing so no need to re-iterate. After I drilled the crush plate I moved on to drill the pitot tube mount same as I did all the rest (using the drill press, it came out good)

I then pulled the trigger on the aileron hinges, well atleast the center one near the I-strut. I drilled those in both wings just like I drilled the 3/16″ holes in the crush plate and the 3/4″ hole for the flying wire lug. Needless to say it worked really well.

After that I trued up the trailed edge a bit with a straight edge using a file to make it perfect. It needed a little trimming but not much it was pretty straight to begin with but some excess glue also needed to be cleaned off.

Looking for more stuff to do, I disassembled the root straps since i need to put the 3/8″ OD to 1/4″ ID root bushings in each spar. I had to expand the wing attach hole to 3/8″ I used the drill press by putting the 1/4″ drill bit in the chuck aligning the hole with the bit, clamping the spar to hold everything while I changed the drill bit out to 3/8″. All turned out well the bushing slide in and all is well.

I also played around with the how I was going to drill the 90 deg bell crank and I also played with the locations of the other two aileron hinges (I think I might glue the doubler tomorrow). I then spent about 45 min cleaning up the basement has I had made quite a mess in the last week. It look way better now.

Time spent 5 hours
total time spent 88 hours

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