Root ribs

Today was ridiculous. I decided to work on the root ribs to get them cut out and filed down so they would fit. It turns out that takes an enormous amount of time. The front spar has a plywood doubler and the rib was originally jigged to fit the spar itself so about 1/16″ on either side had to be removed on the rib. Then the another 1/16″ on both sides had to be removed for the metal strap and then the strap that attaches the drag wire attach point had to be whittled out then the first bolt had to be whittled out. All said and done this took about 7 hours to do both wings. It took a lot of file and check file and check over and over again. Sheesh. Glad I don’t have to do that again.

Time spent 7 hours
Total time spent 101 hours

One Response to Root ribs

  1. macwolf says:

    I remember this……… man took ages. Yours looks a lot neater than mind, and I stuffed up one rib by cutting out too much and Rob had to send me another one!

    Good place to pile the glue on thick!

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