Upper wing kit arrives, glueing the front spar splice

An awesome day to say the least. After much anticipation, the rest of the wing kit arrived with my aileron kit, upper wing kit, leading edges ect. I unpacked everything on my lunch break from work and then after work I was able to finish unwraping the cling wrap on everything take inventory to see what have. It turns out I am missing a couple of nose and tail ribs for the aileron kit looks to be about 4 aileron drive area ribs. However, the rest of the kit looked really really good.

I quickly got to work setting up the tables at an angle so that I could utilize my spar racks. I leveled the spars to each other and lined them up. I checked the fit of the splice caps and checked the angle of the the spars. This all occured in about 3.5 hours. Once i was double and triple sure that the spars were level and lined up and I practiced the clamping scheme, I mix a bunch of glue and started gluing. With surfaces this big the thicker T-88 allows the splice caps to move around even after clamping so alot of adjustment was required after the splice caps were combined. All in all it worked out. As you can see (maybe) there was a new doubler added with a fishmouth on the end apparently to stregthen the area even further. These added doublers allow for a bigger splice joint thus more surface area for the glue. Raven said they were added to Skip stewarts and Jim Leroy’s wing.

Time spent 4.5 hours
Total time spent

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