Sliding the Ribs onto the spars, drilling the upper wing mounting plates

Today was a busy day. I removed the clamps from the previous nights gluing of the plywood doubler on the center section. Next step was to drill the mounting brackets in the center section of both the forward and aft wing spars. I used the drill press as I have in the past to drill the holes and it worked well much easier then eyeballing them in my opinion.

Next I decided it was time slide the previously filed ribs on to the spars. I tried to do this on the table but quickly realized it was going to be super ackward. So I moved the spars to the floor and put some card board under the tips so that they wouldn’t get damaged by the repeated slideing around that was required wrestling the ribs on. I slide the first rib on which took awhile and got it all the way to the center section and realized I forgot to make the extra cut out of the front of the rib for the extra doubler on the front spar Doh! So I slide it off and make the ~3/16 cut out for the doubler using a small drill bit and a chisel fishining up with a file. It slide right on this time. I got 4 ribs on the right side and then started in the left. The cut out was again required for the inboard most rib. After trying to slide that rib which I got it all the way on it was dinner time.

After dinner and my wife Eve whinning that I didn’t ever ask her for help, I decided it might be a alot easier to have her help me, and it was a lot easier. In about 15 minutes we had all the ribs on the spars. The best wife ever!!

We then placed the wings on the table and started lining them up and setting the wing jigging blocks. After all was adjusted and lined up I started measuring a bunch of stuff to make sure I was square. One measurement at the tip and I realzed i was out of square by 3/4″. Scratching my head for about 10 mintues I call Eve back down to the man cave to help me measure somemore. I did a diagonal measurement from the front center section line to the right and left rear tip finding out I was off by 3/4″ as I had found before. The part that baffled me is I spent copious amounts of time makeing sure the table was set at 6.5 deg of sweep each side. The center line was drawn and every thing was lined up and the wing was out of square. Then in a great discovery Eve says “I don’t understand this line it doesn’t look like it goes through the center of the table” I was “nah it just looks weird and I pulled my scale over and said see look it should equal…hummm thats whats wrong” I had made a reference mark to measure from and accidently used that to make my centerline. Well I fixed the line and religned everthing up and what do you know every thing was square. Like I said before BEST WIFE EVER (editorial note: I am not the only Aerospace Engineer in the family, no joke she is one too).

I then adjusted the ribs a little and started marking the drag wire blocks. I was ushered to bed (it was midnight anyhow) shortly after getting the right wing drag blocks marked. the left are left for tomorrow when I glue the compression ribs.

Time spent 9 hours
total time spent 127 hours

2 Responses to Sliding the Ribs onto the spars, drilling the upper wing mounting plates

  1. macwolf says:

    What a great day! You are streaking ahead.. I’ll need to work hard to stay ahead now. 🙂

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