Gluing the Compression Ribs and drag wire blocks

Today I finished marking the centerlines and 1/8″ offset for the drag wire blocks on the left side of the wing. I then cut all the 83 deg and 97 deg triangle stock into the various sizes for the front side of the rear spar and the aft side of the rear spar and the aft side of the front spar.

After that I drilled the I-strut holes using the jig I made from the lower wing. One note though, The rear spar for the upper wing is only 3/4″ wide where as the lower wing spar is 7/8″ if i recall correctly. So I just used my front spar jig and shimmed it out a 1/32″ using a couple of pieces of engineering paper cut in to small strips.

After that I started gluing the 6 compression ribs and then proceeded to glue all the drag wire blocks and some of the corner blocks on the opposing sides of the drag wire blocks since my clamp had to go there anyway.

Time spent 4.5 hours
total time spent 131.5

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