Drilling the I-strut plates, first look at ailerons

Today I cleaned up the front and rear spar doublers because they had some excess glue drips, using my file. I then took the wing and tipped it vertical and put it in the drill press to drill the 3/4″ lug hole. I marked the 5/8″ further outboard of the I-strut center line and I drilled the hole. I then slide the lug into the spar with one of the plates squared everthing up and drilled the 4 bolts for the plates. I did the same thing on the other side. I couldn’t have done this very easily by myself so my buddy Josh came over to help me with the ackwardly long wing, which saved a bunch of time.

Once that was all done I started playing ailerons a little bit. Everything looks like it will work out great at first glance except I will be needing more upper aileron tails since I put on 8 and only have 5 tails left over the other wing which won’t be enough.

Time spent 7 hours
Total time spent 142 hours

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