Cutting the rear spars on the top wing

March 28, 2010

I have been busy with other projects around the house and I have been doing some flying as well. Today I decided to taper the rear spar on the top wing down to tip bow. I did it very much the same way that I did the front spars on the top wing using a circular saw to get it close and then a file to make it perfect. I completed both rear spars and checked the fit of the tip bow. I started to round the tip bows I used a centerline on the out side of the tip bow so I could make resonably accurate radius.

Time spent 4 hours
Total time spent 183 hours

Treating the inside of all the holes

March 14, 2010

Today I worked on the the wing tips a bit. I had was exploring possibly incorporating the wing tips on the Kimballs TI-12 that have the quarter round tips with full aileron out to the end. I used some foam to see how that would look. I decided it would take too much time effort and I would probably have to make a male fiberglass mold then make a female mold from that. Too much work for the extra performance if that. I will go with the standard S-2C/S1-11 wing tips with the taper at the end.

Anyway after asking a bunch of questions to forum guys about ways to treat the insides of all the holes I have drilled in the wings, I finally decided method that would work for me. I bought some 6mm pipe cleaners from a local arts and crafts store. Taking two together folding them in half then twisting them up with my hands finally inserting them in to my drill chuck and twisting them tight I had what I could use to effectively coat the insides of all the holes. I didn’t want to use T-88 (too thick) so I used West Systems epoxy which is much thinner. I mixed it up and using my drill coated the pipe cleaner and inserted the coated pipe cleaner into the hole pulled the trigger on the drill ran it in and out a few times and viola a coated hole with very little extra dripping down on to table. The best part was I coated every hole in my wings in about 30 minutes. (BTW I know the above description sounds bad to those with your head in the gutter…common this is an airplane blog!!) Anyway that was really really really easy and worked ridiculously well, wish I had thought of it sooner.

Time spent 3 hours
Total time spent 179 hours

Drilling the upper wing aileron hinges, center section work

March 10, 2010

Tonight I removed the clamps on the aileron doubler and started drilling the attach holes. It worked out well and just like I did on the lower wing aileron attached holes. After that Eve helped me flip the wing over so I could work on the top center section prepping it for the 1/4″ cap strip on the top. Using my hand planner again I was able to it the center section of both the front and rear spar perfect.

Time Spent 3 hours
Total Time Spent 176 hours

Gluing the upper wing aileron hinge doublers

March 9, 2010

Tonight I decided I would glue the upper wing aileron doublers. Pretty much did the samething as I did with the lowers. I also cut two noses out of my spare 1/4″ ply to put on the last full rib on upper wing. I still need to cut two more of those. I am going to use them to support the tip bow and to provide an area for the tip fiberglass pieces when they come.

Time spent 2 hours
Total time spent 173

Lower Wing Aileron Hinge drilling

March 8, 2010

Tonight I removed the clamps on the lower wing aileron hinge doublers that I glued on last night. There was a little excess glue drips on the bottom sides of the glue joints that I filed off. I then filed the doubler flush with the spar on the top and the bottom. It didn’t take much mostly I just removed the excess glue that seeped out of the edge of the joint. I then marked the location of the hinges and drilled the 1/4″ hinge to spar attachment holes using my vertical drilling jig I made up to use on the upper wing. Still amazed out easy that jig is to use and how ridiculously accurate it is.

Time spent 2 hours
Total time spent 171 hours

Lower Wing Aileron Hinge Doublers, sanding the center section, finishing 90 deg bell crank

March 7, 2010

Today I started off by sanding the bottom side of the top wing center section. I had quite a bit of material to remove so i used a hand plane for some of it which worked pretty good. I finished it off with my file until it was 1/4″ below the tops of the ribs. Here is a picture of it being glued and clamped with the spar cap material.

I then removed the clamps on the 90 deg bell crank plywood extension that was required due to the location of the 90 deg bell crank that hung off the edge of the I-strut doubler. I finished it off with a file to make it perfectly flat with the I-strut doubler and then I drilled it out to the 3/16″ hole.

After that I finally decided on a location for the aileron hinges on the lower wings. I glued on the aileron hing doublers (both sides), I had some left over glue so i decided to glue the center section spar cap wood and tacked it in place with some aircraft brads followed by clamps.

Time spent 4 hours
Total Time spent 169 hours

Upper wing spar cap strips and aileron hinge drilling

March 6, 2010

Tonight I had Eve help me flip the wing and rotate it 180 deg so I could get to the bottom side to glue the spar cap strips. There was quite a bit of hardened drips from gluing the ribs to file off, which took awhile. I mixed up some glue and glued all the spar cap strips on to the bottom of the wing.

I then turned to the aileron hinges. I needed a way to drill straight without putting my wing in the drill press everytime. It was easy when it was my lower wings but with the large upper wing that is swept it is really hard to do. So I found a block that was perfectly flat and then took it over to my drill press and drilled a 5/16″ hole in it and inserted a 5/16″ diameter tube that had a 1/4″ ID so I could insert a 1/4″ drill. I then clamped it to the spar and drilled it worked pretty good. Anyway I drilled the center hinge on both sides of the upper wing.

Time spent 3 hours
Total time spent 165

Upper wing spar cap strips

March 3, 2010

Tonight I decided it was time to start in on the upper wing spar cap strips. I started by referring to an email I sent to Rob at Raven Aircraft asking him which stack of random 1/4 x 1/2 and 1/4 by 7/8 goes where. It turns the 1/4 x 7/8″ goes between the root rib and the aileron bay on the lower wing (full span of the spar) everywhere else gets 1/4 by 1/2. There was also a stack of upper wing cap strip that was labeled upper wing cap strip it was easy to figure out where it went. So i cut all the cap strip for the upper and lower sides of the wing. I then mixed up a bunch of glue and glued all the cap strips on using small aircraft brad to hold the strips on while they dried.

Time spent 4 hours
Total time spent 162 hours

Hardware measuring

March 2, 2010

Tonight I spent some time going through the wing and making sure I had all the hardware I needed and it fit. I wanted to make the Wed 1600 cut off for aircraft spruce order so that I could get my hardware and supplies on friday before the weekend. I also needed some spare 1/4 ply and some corner blocks along with the KSP3 bearings for the upper wing aileron drive.

Time spent 2 hours
Total time spent 158 hours

Upper wing tips, and trailing edges

March 1, 2010

Tonight I un-clamped the piece of spar I had to glue back on becuase I cut the wrong angle on the tip taper. It cut nicely and I would barely know it was there. I then Filed the tip rib so that it would slide on. Once I had everything sitting nicely I marked the nose cut on the tip rib and cut the 45ish deg angle on my miter saw. Slide the rib back on and voila tip is 80% complete. I then repeated all the previous days work on the the right wing tip.

After that I did some clean up the man cave was getting dirty. I finished off the night by cutting the trailing edge wood (now they just need glue) and mocking up the aileron hinge locations.

I guess tomorrow I will glue the trailing edges and start cutting all the cap strips and gluing those. I am quickly running out of things to do. I need to go back and fill all the holes I have drilled so far with epoxy and give then a soak so they will be sealed. I also need to glue the aileron doublers and drill the upper wing aileron hinges. But that won’t take all week…well it might also who knows.

Time spent 4 hours
Total time spent 156 hours