Upper wing tips, and trailing edges

Tonight I un-clamped the piece of spar I had to glue back on becuase I cut the wrong angle on the tip taper. It cut nicely and I would barely know it was there. I then Filed the tip rib so that it would slide on. Once I had everything sitting nicely I marked the nose cut on the tip rib and cut the 45ish deg angle on my miter saw. Slide the rib back on and voila tip is 80% complete. I then repeated all the previous days work on the the right wing tip.

After that I did some clean up the man cave was getting dirty. I finished off the night by cutting the trailing edge wood (now they just need glue) and mocking up the aileron hinge locations.

I guess tomorrow I will glue the trailing edges and start cutting all the cap strips and gluing those. I am quickly running out of things to do. I need to go back and fill all the holes I have drilled so far with epoxy and give then a soak so they will be sealed. I also need to glue the aileron doublers and drill the upper wing aileron hinges. But that won’t take all week…well it might also who knows.

Time spent 4 hours
Total time spent 156 hours

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