Upper wing spar cap strips and aileron hinge drilling

Tonight I had Eve help me flip the wing and rotate it 180 deg so I could get to the bottom side to glue the spar cap strips. There was quite a bit of hardened drips from gluing the ribs to file off, which took awhile. I mixed up some glue and glued all the spar cap strips on to the bottom of the wing.

I then turned to the aileron hinges. I needed a way to drill straight without putting my wing in the drill press everytime. It was easy when it was my lower wings but with the large upper wing that is swept it is really hard to do. So I found a block that was perfectly flat and then took it over to my drill press and drilled a 5/16″ hole in it and inserted a 5/16″ diameter tube that had a 1/4″ ID so I could insert a 1/4″ drill. I then clamped it to the spar and drilled it worked pretty good. Anyway I drilled the center hinge on both sides of the upper wing.

Time spent 3 hours
Total time spent 165

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