Lower Wing Aileron Hinge drilling

Tonight I removed the clamps on the lower wing aileron hinge doublers that I glued on last night. There was a little excess glue drips on the bottom sides of the glue joints that I filed off. I then filed the doubler flush with the spar on the top and the bottom. It didn’t take much mostly I just removed the excess glue that seeped out of the edge of the joint. I then marked the location of the hinges and drilled the 1/4″ hinge to spar attachment holes using my vertical drilling jig I made up to use on the upper wing. Still amazed out easy that jig is to use and how ridiculously accurate it is.

Time spent 2 hours
Total time spent 171 hours

One Response to Lower Wing Aileron Hinge drilling

  1. nrezich says:

    Hey Bret, I got turned onto your site through Jody Bradt. We worked together at ACA for a few years, and I was rebuilding my Citabria as he was working on the Decathlon.

    I recently started a Skybolt project that someone didn’t finish. Right now I am inspecting the wings and I found your most recent post interesting.

    Thanks for the info, and keep up the good work,


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