Treating the inside of all the holes

Today I worked on the the wing tips a bit. I had was exploring possibly incorporating the wing tips on the Kimballs TI-12 that have the quarter round tips with full aileron out to the end. I used some foam to see how that would look. I decided it would take too much time effort and I would probably have to make a male fiberglass mold then make a female mold from that. Too much work for the extra performance if that. I will go with the standard S-2C/S1-11 wing tips with the taper at the end.

Anyway after asking a bunch of questions to forum guys about ways to treat the insides of all the holes I have drilled in the wings, I finally decided method that would work for me. I bought some 6mm pipe cleaners from a local arts and crafts store. Taking two together folding them in half then twisting them up with my hands finally inserting them in to my drill chuck and twisting them tight I had what I could use to effectively coat the insides of all the holes. I didn’t want to use T-88 (too thick) so I used West Systems epoxy which is much thinner. I mixed it up and using my drill coated the pipe cleaner and inserted the coated pipe cleaner into the hole pulled the trigger on the drill ran it in and out a few times and viola a coated hole with very little extra dripping down on to table. The best part was I coated every hole in my wings in about 30 minutes. (BTW I know the above description sounds bad to those with your head in the gutter…common this is an airplane blog!!) Anyway that was really really really easy and worked ridiculously well, wish I had thought of it sooner.

Time spent 3 hours
Total time spent 179 hours

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