Upper Ailerons #4

July 23, 2010

Today I had the day off so I spent my time as wisely as I could and that meant going to the airport to use all the good sheet metal tools a friend of mine has. I started off de-burring all the ribs and trailing edge. This takes a long time folks very tedious work. I finished with that and it was time to squeeze some 3/32″ rivets into the ribs. It is very tight and getting a pneumatic squeezer (the only way to squeeze in my humble opinion) in there straight on without screwing up the buck tail was hard I had to drill out a couple but eventually I figured out a system of how to orient the squeezer so that I got it as straight on as possible. After I got all the ribs squeezed I moved on to the hinge doublers and then on to the left aileron. In all this took me a long time mostly set up but that all get factored in to the time you work on it. I also trimmed (tapered), and bent the spar so I could fit the tips. Now all I have left is ordering the cherry rivets for the trailing edge installing the angle braces so to brace the tail ribs and wrapping drilling and riveting the leading edge. Then on to the lower ailerons, rinse and repeat.


Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 206 hours

Upper Ailerons #3

July 20, 2010

Tonight I spent all my time prepping and setting up the right upper aileron ribs. I then spent a long time drilling all of them and clecoing in place. This time I spent extra time to make sure the ribs were already formed to sit at the 7 deg. I went quite a bit faster than the left side, got to love learning. I also set and drilled one side of the trailing edge. Last night I made a big order from aircraft spruce which included the leading edge tube. Those parts come on Thursday so this weekend I hope to have my upper ailerons mostly riveted. I still need to trim and finish the ends and install angle braces to give the trailing edge some support.

Time spent 3.5 hours
Total time spent 199.5

Upper Ailerons #2

July 19, 2010

So tonight I really wanted to play around with the aileron leading edge. I have been thinking about the installation for awhile mostly thinking about how the hell I was going to do that keep everything straight and make sure everything was tight. This all has to do with some creative clamping. I first tried some techniques that strapped one side down and then pulled the other side toward it aileron but this was quickly abandoned because it didn’t allow the aileron to sit centered on the leading edge radius. I was also having problems with rippling because the metal was trying to return to shape everywhere a clamp wasn’t. I then used a long wood stick had laying around to help the clamps. I then pulled the two sides together using the clamps once I got it close I used other clamps and a piece of wood scrape force the spar toward the leading edge radius forcing the aileron into the leading edge and voila it worked nice and tight and I was able to clamp everything down. It looked pretty good and looked very straight. Now all I need to do is order the leading edge tubes and rivet the everything together. Once that is done I can clamp the leading edge down and drill, cleco, glue, and rivet that in place and I will have a finished aileron.

So anyway I took some time to mark the aileron tip for cutting and tapering, I also trimmed the wooden tip bow so everything fit.

Ok on to the right aileron. I didn’t have much time left in the night so all I got done is marking the centerline and drilling and installing the doublers and hinges. I laid the trailing edge in to see how everything is fitting and tomorrow I will mark the centerline of the nose ribs and drill location for the attach rivets. After I finish drilling them out I will have two aileron pretty much ready for riveting.

Time spent 4 hours
Total time spent 196 hours

Upper Ailerons

July 17, 2010

Since I finally got the rest of my parts and pieces I decided to start in on the ailerons.  I chose to start with the upper ailerons since the upper wing was on the table already.  I started laying out the ribs and loosely following the raven instructions I started laying out the ribs.   I decided that a gap of 3/16″ between the aileron and the inboard rib should be sufficient and I also had a old piece of plywood I could use as spacer.  I marked the centerline of the aileron spar like I did on the wing spars and then marked the centerline of the nose ribs.  The tail ribs slide in easily and maintained centerline without help.  I then started drilling all the 3/32″ rivit holes for each rib.  I put three rivits per rib.  After that I decided to fit the trailing edge setting it no less than 1/4″ from the trailing edge. I used the blue masking tape to keep the trailing edge on while I made adjustments so that it was straight.  I drilled all the tails after setting all the tail ribs at 7 deg of sweep.  I also drilled all three doublers and respective 3/32 rivits holes ( I may upsize the doublers to 1/8 rivits but haven’t decided on that just yet)  Next I need to repeat all the drilling on the right upper aileron.

Time spent today 7 hours

Total time spent 192 hours