Upper Ailerons

Since I finally got the rest of my parts and pieces I decided to start in on the ailerons.  I chose to start with the upper ailerons since the upper wing was on the table already.  I started laying out the ribs and loosely following the raven instructions I started laying out the ribs.   I decided that a gap of 3/16″ between the aileron and the inboard rib should be sufficient and I also had a old piece of plywood I could use as spacer.  I marked the centerline of the aileron spar like I did on the wing spars and then marked the centerline of the nose ribs.  The tail ribs slide in easily and maintained centerline without help.  I then started drilling all the 3/32″ rivit holes for each rib.  I put three rivits per rib.  After that I decided to fit the trailing edge setting it no less than 1/4″ from the trailing edge. I used the blue masking tape to keep the trailing edge on while I made adjustments so that it was straight.  I drilled all the tails after setting all the tail ribs at 7 deg of sweep.  I also drilled all three doublers and respective 3/32 rivits holes ( I may upsize the doublers to 1/8 rivits but haven’t decided on that just yet)  Next I need to repeat all the drilling on the right upper aileron.

Time spent today 7 hours

Total time spent 192 hours

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