Upper Ailerons #2

So tonight I really wanted to play around with the aileron leading edge. I have been thinking about the installation for awhile mostly thinking about how the hell I was going to do that keep everything straight and make sure everything was tight. This all has to do with some creative clamping. I first tried some techniques that strapped one side down and then pulled the other side toward it aileron but this was quickly abandoned because it didn’t allow the aileron to sit centered on the leading edge radius. I was also having problems with rippling because the metal was trying to return to shape everywhere a clamp wasn’t. I then used a long wood stick had laying around to help the clamps. I then pulled the two sides together using the clamps once I got it close I used other clamps and a piece of wood scrape force the spar toward the leading edge radius forcing the aileron into the leading edge and voila it worked nice and tight and I was able to clamp everything down. It looked pretty good and looked very straight. Now all I need to do is order the leading edge tubes and rivet the everything together. Once that is done I can clamp the leading edge down and drill, cleco, glue, and rivet that in place and I will have a finished aileron.

So anyway I took some time to mark the aileron tip for cutting and tapering, I also trimmed the wooden tip bow so everything fit.

Ok on to the right aileron. I didn’t have much time left in the night so all I got done is marking the centerline and drilling and installing the doublers and hinges. I laid the trailing edge in to see how everything is fitting and tomorrow I will mark the centerline of the nose ribs and drill location for the attach rivets. After I finish drilling them out I will have two aileron pretty much ready for riveting.

Time spent 4 hours
Total time spent 196 hours

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