Upper Ailerons #4

Today I had the day off so I spent my time as wisely as I could and that meant going to the airport to use all the good sheet metal tools a friend of mine has. I started off de-burring all the ribs and trailing edge. This takes a long time folks very tedious work. I finished with that and it was time to squeeze some 3/32″ rivets into the ribs. It is very tight and getting a pneumatic squeezer (the only way to squeeze in my humble opinion) in there straight on without screwing up the buck tail was hard I had to drill out a couple but eventually I figured out a system of how to orient the squeezer so that I got it as straight on as possible. After I got all the ribs squeezed I moved on to the hinge doublers and then on to the left aileron. In all this took me a long time mostly set up but that all get factored in to the time you work on it. I also trimmed (tapered), and bent the spar so I could fit the tips. Now all I have left is ordering the cherry rivets for the trailing edge installing the angle braces so to brace the tail ribs and wrapping drilling and riveting the leading edge. Then on to the lower ailerons, rinse and repeat.


Time spent today 6 hours
Total time spent 206 hours

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