Hand Hold #2

August 31, 2010

Today I removed the clamps and started in on planing part of the hand hold so it matches the taper of the airfoils down to the trailing edges. This went pretty fast and easy. I the lightly sanded it and rounded the corners a bit and called it good for now. Still needs some more sanding and trimming but I will wait until I am ready for that.

Time spent 2 hours
Total time spent 213 hours

Hand hold

August 30, 2010

After another almost 3 week stint down to florida for work I finally got to work on the plane this sunday. Good news is no more long travel down to florida, bad news double paychecks due to overtime and per diem saving are over boo. Any way I got the 1/2 X 3.5X12 peice of spruce in to work on the hand hold area. I started by marking the centerline of both sides of the hand hold. I then shimmed the middle up so it would sit on the centerline of the spar. I used a piece of wood to keep the centerline at the trailing edge. I cut the 1/2X3.5 spruce to an angle to fit the hand hold bow and then tapered them down to match the rear spar and hand hold bow. I cut the triangle braces for the trailing edge area and glued away. I still need to glue on some triangle brace as you can see and the blanking plate I’ll do that later. Anyway forward progress.

Time Spent Today 5 hours
Total time spent 211 hours