Wing swap and lower ailerons start (2 day roll up)

Tonight I decided I have done just about as much as I can for now on the upper wings and need to bring the lower wings up to speed with the uppers but in order to do that I need to get them off my table so I could work on the lower wings. I had some left over boxes lying around so I used those to prop the wing up on to get it out of the way while I worked on the lowers. One side note I noticed that the glue strip in the upper wing center section kinda protruded up above the rib slightly so I took the planer and brought it back down so it matched the contour. I test fit one of the wooden leading edges to make sure and all was well.

Back to the lower wings…I set the lower wings up on the racks and started laying out the lower ailerons. I used the same amount of ribs as the up which will result in slightly closer aileron ribs spacing since the lower ailerons are approx 4 inches shorter than the tops. Anyway I set the spacing of the ribs and when I was happy I marked their locations and then set the other side to the same exact dimensions. I again used a 3/16 spacer between the root rib and the aileron. I then spent some time temporarily tightening down the hinges so they wouldn’t move while I was setting the aileron ribs. Next up will be marking the aileron spar centerline and marking the locations of the nose ribs and doublers. After that I will get to drilling and riveting and that will bring the lower ailerons up to the same status as the uppers.

Time spent 8 hours
Total time spent 221 hours

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